Camper Eligibility Requirements

Children attending Camp Sertoma are exclusively sponsored by Sertoma Clubs, Sertoma Members or “Friends of Camp Sertoma” in South Carolina. Reservations are requested by these entities following the announcement of the opening of registration for the year. The announcement and request for reservations is issued by the Camp Sertoma Board Chairman shortly after the beginning of the new calendar year. The deadline for reservations is generally around the first of March. It is important for those reserving slots for campers to get their requests in promptly so that the types of campers (M-F, Speech or Hearing, Disadvantaged) can be properly balanced in the weekly assignments.

Children attending camp must be at least seven years of age and not over 13 years of age at the time the session for which they are registered begins and must be speech or hearing impaired or economically disadvantaged.