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About Camp Sertoma


Camp Sertoma of South Carolina represents the joint efforts of an enormous number of people. From the inception of the camp in 1969 to the present time the partnership between South Carolina Sertomans and Clemson University has underscored the tremendous accomplishments that can be achieved when people of good will in civic organizations, academic institutions, business, industry and government join together to create something wonderful for the children of our state.


Each Sertoma Club in the state is a partner in the support, promotion and operation of Camp Sertoma. The clubs are asked to appoint a “Camp Sertoma Representative” who will serve as liaison with the camp as campers are identified and prepare to attend. The clubs also provide enormous support through their sponsorship of campers, fundraising efforts, memorial donations, assistance with camp maintenance during ‘work days’ and donations of items from the “Camp Sertoma Wish List”. Individual clubs and Camp Sertoma Representatives may be located using the club directory. The Camp Sertoma Board of Trustees is the elected governing body of the camp. The make-up and responsibilities of the Board can be found at the “Meet The Camp Sertoma Board” page.

There are also many ways others can help us ensure that Camp Sertoma of S.C.  continues to be a "magical" place for our children.  Click on one of the links below to find out more about how you can help.


      · Help with our “Wish List”

      · Provide a “Camp Sertoma Blanket” for a child.

      · Volunteer Opportunities at Camp Sertoma of S.C.

      · Memorial Donations


The Clemson Outdoor Lab is an amazing and unique department offering unparalleled training in the area of camp management and operation. Moreover it is the day-to-day management team for Camp Sertoma and the other camps found at the outdoor laboratory. C.U.O.L Director Leslie Conrad, and her permanent staff have done an incredible job of maintaining a state-of-the-art camping facility and ensuring a “second-to-none” experience for children attending Camp Sertoma. Learn more information about the Outdoor Lab.

Although Camp Sertoma was founded and is supported by South Carolina Sertomans, the leadership of Sertoma, Inc. at all levels has recognized and encouraged the tremendous value and impact of our camp.  Further information about National, Regional, and District leaders can be found on the “Sertoma Leadership” page and at: www.sertoma.org.

Camp Sertoma Counselors wish "Safe Travels" to departing campers.

240 children attend Camp Sertoma each year over six weeks during June and July.



Our History

Our History


The Camp Sertoma of S.C. Board of Trustees in partnership with the Clemson University Outdoor Laboratory is responsible for the ongoing management of our camp.  Board members are elected to their positions by South Carolina Sertomans.

The Director of the Outdoor Laboratory is responsible for managing the year-round staff  members who maintain the facilities and grounds as well as the summer staff who serve as counselors during the camping season.  


Our History

Our History

Our History

  Camp Sertoma, the statewide sponsorship project of Sertoma members throughout South Carolina, was founded by the Electric City Sertoma Club in Anderson, S. C. in 1969. Initially using the facilities of the “Clemson Outdoor Laboratory”, Sertoma Clubs across South Carolina made Camp Sertoma their statewide sponsorship project and committed themselves to building permanent facilities to augment those already use and to be devoted to Sertoma sponsored children. On November 5, 1977 groundbreaking ceremonies were held to celebrate the implementation of that decision and Camp Sertoma was born. 


Our Mission

Our History

Our Mission


The mission of Camp Sertoma of South Carolina is to nourish the minds and bodies of our youth by providing challenging, meaningful and memorable experiences through camping, aquatics and relationships, thereby strengthening their capacity for leadership, teamwork, perseverance and understanding of and love for others Giving back through life-changing experiences.