What is Sertoma

The Name “Sertoma” (SerToMa) comes from the words “Service To Mankind”.  Founded in 1912, Sertoma is a civic organization whose purpose is to meet the needs of communities through volunteer service.  The mission of SerToMa is:

        To improve the quality of life today for those at risk or impacted by hearing loss
        through education and support.

The Sertoma ‘motto’ is:

        Connecting those who are called to serve with those who are unable to hear the call

Help Camp Sertoma Out

We are always in need of different items.  If you would like to help Camp Sertoma, please take a look at our 2018 Wish List of much-needed items.

And – For A Warm Reminder

Several years ago, a special project was undertaken by a former camper to help our kids remember their experience at Camp Sertoma. Through her efforts, special “Camp Sertoma Blankets” were designed and mad so they could be given to each child as a reminder of their time here.  Now, Sertoma Clubs are encouraged to provide funds for blankets for the children they are sponsoring but the Camp Sertoma of S.C. Board of Trustees has made the commitment to seeing that every child receives a blanket to remember their experience here.Camp Sertoma Blanket

Sertoma in South Carolina

Sertoma Clubs in South Carolina are affiliated with Sertoma Inc. and operate under a shared 501(c) (3) charitable designation.  Camp Sertoma is governed by a Board of Trustees established by Sertoma clubs of South Carolina.  “There are more than forty separate clubs in the state and nearly all sponsor children attending camp or provide administrative support through financial, material or personal contributions.

Our Misson

The mission of Camp Sertoma of South Carolina is to nourish the minds and bodies of our youth by providing challenging, meaningful and memorable experiences through camping, aquatics and relationships, thereby strengthening their capacity for leadership, teamwork, perseverance and understanding of and love for others.

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